Since March we have available the full range of cutting nozzles for Trumpf fiber laser.
More precisely, these are the nozzles of the Standard, Brightline, Cool Line, Slim, Performance, Highspeed and Highspeed Eco series.
The EAA standard series have bore diameters ranging from the smallest 1324858 of 0.8 mm. to the largest 13224867 2.7 mm.

The Brightline EAK and EAQ series have bore diameters ranging from the smallest 1835747 4.0 mm. to the largest 9.5 mm.
The Cooline range with its EGL series starts from the 1.4 mm. hole up to the 2.3 mm. hole 1879953.
The Slim series with its EAB group reaches up to 2,7 mm. bore diameter with the 1373331 series.

EAU range of the Performance series goes up to 6.0 mm. With its 2060025.
We conclude with the Highspeed EAU range with a 10 mm bore. With its 2253595.
We also distribute sockets and inner parts.

All material is always available at the ready or in a few days after order.